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Free/Reduced Form Application
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Tuesday, February 02, 2016
School Meal Program Application
Child Nutrition Program
St Clair Country Schools proudly serve local produce!

Welcome to St Clair County Child Nutrition Program


Research has shown that there is a crucial relationship between nutrition and health, and nutrition and learning. Experts also agree that most food preferences and dietary habits are formed during childhood.


  The St. Clair County Child Nutrition Program is committed to taking advantage of the opportunity during a child’s developmental years to promote and influence healthy food choices through        school meals.

Each lunchroom in our system strives to offer a variety healthy, delicious, and kid-friendly menus in a cheerful manner. 

If you have any questions concerning any aspect of the Child Nutrition Program, call 205-594-2022 to speak with Rachel Fowler, MS, RD, the CNP Director.  Follow me on twitter for daily news and menus! @scclunchlady





 Monitor your student's lunch account!  Visit  to set up your account.  You may view purchases and account balance at no charge.  There is a service fee to add money to your child's account using EZ school pay.  To avoid extra fees, you may send in cash or checks made to St Clair County Schools CNP.  



Ashville Elementary Ashville Middle Ashville High
Moody Elementary Moody Middle Moody Jr High Moody High
Odenville Elementary Odenville Intermediate Odenville Middle St Clair County High
Springville Elementary Springville Middle Springville High
Margaret Elementary Ragland High

Steele Jr High

Lunch Menus powered by:

   Is your snack a Smart Snack? 

St Clair County Schools use the Smart Snack calculator to check all a la carte items sold in our lunchrooms.  Click on the image below to find out if your snack is a Smart Snack!


Lunch prices for the 2015-2016 school year. (NO CHANGE FROM LAST YEAR!)

Breakfast: Full (K-12) - $1.25 Reduced (K-12) - $0.30 Staff - $1.75 Visitor - $2.50

Lunch: Full (K-6) - $2.25 Full (7-12) - $2.50 Reduced (K-12) - $0.40 Staff - $3.00 Visitor - $3.75

 To receive special meal pricing students must choose 3 or 4 meal items at Breakfast and 3, 4 or 5 meal items at Lunch.   One food item at breakfast must be a fruit or juice.   One food item at Lunch must be fruit, juice or vegetable to receive special pricing!  Students may purchase extra or a la carte items if they have money in their lunch account. 


Fruit & Veggie Swag!



It is the policy of the St. Clair County Board of Education to provide the Child Nutrition Program to all students based on the parent’s ability to pay. Eligible families are encouraged to take advantage of the free and reduced meal program. The system’s eligibility for state and federal programs available to students is based in part on the number of children enrolled in the free and reduced price lunchroom program. The Child Nutrition Program requires one free/reduced lunch form per family or household, even if your children attend different St. Clair County Schools.  NEW FOR 2015-16:  COMPLETE YOUR LUNCH FORMS ON LINE!  SIMPLY VISIT WWW.EZMEALAPP.COM TO FILL OUT AND SUBMIT YOUR FREE/REDUCED PRICE APPLICATION!  CHOOSE ALABAMA, THEN ST CLAIR COUNTY BOARD OF EDUCATION AND YOU'RE READY TO FILL OUT THE FORM.  2014-15 FORMS EXPIRED SEPTEMBER 24, 2015.  YOU MAY COMPLETE A FORM ANY TIME DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR.   PAPER FORMS ARE ALSO AVAILABLE AT YOUR CHILD'S SCHOOL AND OUR CENTRAL OFFICE, SO USE EITHER METHOD. 

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