Red Ribbon Week - October 24-28
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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Red ribbon week aims to spread an anti-drug message to school-aged children.

During Red Ribbon Week, young people are encouraged to pledge a drug-free life.  The special emphasis on drug prevention also allows the community to unify in a stand against drugs and to show intolerance for illicit drug use as well as trafficking.


MES Dress Up Themes

Monday- Follow Your Dreams- Say NO to Drugs!  Wear PJ’s

Tuesday- You Have The Power NOT to do Drugs! Dress as a Superhero

Wednesday- Put A Cap On Drugs! Wear Hats or Caps

Thursday- Sock It To Drugs!  Wear Crazy Socks

Friday- Team Up Against Drugs!- Wear your favorite team colors 


During the month of October, I will be visiting your child’s classroom doing age appropriate lessons on the dangers of illegal drugs, tobacco and alcohol.  Learning Objectives will be:

*Identifying and giving examples of healthy behaviors

*Understanding how the choices they make can affect their bodies and minds

* Recognizing that drugs like alcohol and tobacco are unhealthy

*Explaining safe, healthy ways to react in situations where they may be exposed to drugs or other dangers

*Preparing for future peer pressure situations by acting out refusal skill scenarios


Thank you for your participation in encouraging your child to increase their knowledge of the dangers of illegal drug use, prescription drug abuse, tobacco, and alcohol abuse.

                                                     Patty Beal, Counselor

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