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Continuous Improvement Plan (ACIP)

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Margaret Elementary School 2016-17 CIP  

St. Clair County Strategic Plan

           In September 2016, the Continuous Improvement Team/Leadership Team convened to disaggregate standardized assessment data, School Incident Report data, attendance data, school iformative assessment and other system-wide data. The school leadership team met to suggest strategies, professional development, and budget requirements for the CIP plan. At the draft completion, faculty and staff will review it and suggest modifications if needed. The CIP for the 2016-17 school year will then be published and shared with the district and community. Requested modifications will be examined and decisions made by school leadership team and faculty/staff. The finalized CIP will be sent to the district school improvement specialist for review and district school board for approval and signatures.

In addition to the local school continuous improvement plan, the district undergoes a similar process to look at district-wide needs for improvement.  Use the link below to review or download the St. Clair County District Plan.

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